book review

Book Review – The Poet, The Warrior, the Prophet

The Poet, The Warrior, the Prophet Rubem Alves Norwich, UK: Scm Press, 2002. 175 pp. With this review, I have two purposes: first, I want to bring to the English-speaking audience, a rather important piece of a forgotten history of theology in Latin America, lived by one of the main names and one of the precursors of liberation theology in Brazil/Latin America, Rubem Alves. Second, I’d like to offer some words on the re-print of this rather unknown book The Poet, The Warrior The Prophet, by Scm Press.

Book Review – Out of Depths: Women’s Experience of Evil and Salvation

Out of Depths. Women’s Experience of Evil and Salvation Ivone Gebara. Minneapolis: Fortress Press, 2002. 211 pp. [3] Ivone Gebara is one of the leading feminist theologians from Brazil and Latin America. She has given most of her life to the cause of the poor, especially to poor women. She is known for her eco-theo-feminist analysis and her creative understandings of transcendence and immanence. In her most recent book, Gebara offers a feminist perspective on evil and salvation, which no reader not have a strong reaction to her argument, whatever the reaction may be.  She proposes to work with a…