World Communion Sunday children’s sermon – Unit. Methodist Church

World Communion Sunday children’s sermon

Picture of Dennis Marke (from 2009 World Communion Sunday resources).


Additional notes about Sierra Leone and Dennis:

Population of Sierra Leone is 5.5 million people but there are only 78 doctors and 350 nurses. Country experienced a 10 year civil war. Dennis’ work day begins at 7 a.m and ends at 5 p.m. but he is on call 24/7. Works at Kissy Hospital in Sierra Leone.

Children Sermon:

Good morning. How is everyone today? How many of you have been to a different country? Raise your hands

(Let children respond, if you have any that answer affirmative ask them where).

Now does anyone know how to say something in another language?

(Let children respond and ask them if they’d be willing to share a little).

Did you know that The United Methodist Church is in different countries and United Methodists speak many different languages? One of the places there’s a lot of churches is in Africa. That’s where this guy is from.

(Show them the prop).

This is Dennis from Sierra Leone, which is a country in West Africa far from here. Dennis, like you, attended a local United Methodist Church when he was a child. Unfortunately, Sierra Leone, where Dennis lives is very poor and many people cannot afford a lot of the things your families can. Remember when you got sick and your parents took you to the doctor or brought you some medicine to make you feel better? Well, some areas of world don’t have enough doctors or medicine, so children don’t get better for a long time or don’t grow up to be as healthy. It’s very sad. Dennis wants to change that though. See him sitting in the library reading. Dennis went to school in Liberia studied hard and became a doctor. Then he came to the America to study some more so he could help more people. He could make lots of money if he stayed and worked in the America but Dennis decided to go home and help other families stay healthy. Isn’t that nice?

Later in the service we’re going to collect money that will go to help students like Dennis from all over the world get a good education so they can make help people in their community and do more to serve the church and their neighbor. Dennis may have never left Sierra Leone to get more education without the World Communion offering.

Now let’s pray.


Lord, I thank you for these children and the blessings of a good home and basic needs you’ve given them. We pray for those who don’t grow up with the same blessings as good health care and education. Help us to treat people fairly. Teach us to share so children and grownups around the world can become Christian leaders in their community and church. Bless Dr. Dennis Marke and the work that he does. Thank you, God, for everything. Amen.{a5da7032-3d61-4af7-88b9-96b0e1145ff4}/WCS%20CHILDREN.PDF

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