World Communion Day With Children – United Church of Canada

Celebrating Worldwide Communion Sunday with Children


During the children’s story, explain that today people in churches all over the world will be celebrating communion—people in United churches, Anglican churches, Catholic churches, Methodist churches, Baptist churches, Presbyterian churches, and Pentecostal churches. People across Canada and people in England, Mexico, the United States, Portugal, Bolivia, China—everywhere people will be celebrating communion.

Have a globe or Earth ball with you, and cut a paper doll chain as you talk with the children. Invite them to help you join the ends of the chain around the globe. Place the globe in the middle of the circle of children or on the communion table, with the children surrounding it.

Invite the children to join hands and say a prayer thanking God for the gift of communion, which helps us to experience God’s love and presence in our lives and in the lives of people around the world.

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