End of Edinburgh 2010 Conference

The final worship of the Edinburgh 2010 conference was so beautiful. 300 delegates from around the world singing global praises, praying for the world and listening to the word of God. The high moment was the interpretation of the text about the women at the well (John 4) by a group of Indian dancers. Absolutely stunning, I never saw anything like it! A group of 5 young dancers using Indian music, proper Indian dressing and so much beauty to tell us what happened in that biblical text. Jesus never felt so beautiful and joyous and stunning as in this interpretation…

Report – All African Conference of Churches 9th General Assembly in Maputo, Mozambique December 2008

This is the report of the planning, dreaming, working and thinking of the worship life of the 9th General Assembly of the All African Conference of Churches in Maputo, Mozambique. It explains each day of the week, its influences, intentions and participation and how we wanted to recall this one aspect of the Bantu theology with this strong sense of belonging, a vital force in the African continent.