The word on display in his body

A gathering together of community
Present and absent around
A stir in the air, leaking out to the
Very tips of the fingers
Displaying the weaving together
All the Spirit in the air and it can’t
Be contained in this small of a space
So the Word leaks out of every
Elastic movement, ringing the air
With the possibility of over running
We are such a small vessel and yet
The air resounds with movement because
The words are too small, too much,
Too important to miss and they dance
In the tension of wanting to be let out
Loose among us and going where it will
And we are all in danger of its reach
Because Spirit will not be contained
And woe to the ones who mock it and try
To contain what has been loosed in the air
We are only trying to feebly restrain what
We don’t know and what scares us but
To those who have freely received this
Loosing, who knows where it might lead
After Watching Cláudio Carvalhaes preach
Annette Joseph – From East to West


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