We are each other’s keepers- Accompanying churches in situations of conflict

Accompanying churches in situations of conflict

Religious symbols and idioms are sometimes used to promote political interests, causing tensions and conflicts within communities where people of different religions have to live together. Christian communities are sometimes caught in the middle of such conflicts. Religious intolerance has a negative effect on today’s increasingly pluralistic and interdependent societies.

This project accompanies churches faced with religious intolerance, discrimination and conflict, and advocates for inter-religious cooperation, human dignity, sustainable values and just relationships. It emphasizes those aspects in all religions that promote harmony among communities, that help people to live their individual faith with integrity while living together in mutual respect and mutual acceptance of each other’s faiths.

In response to requests from member churches and national councils of churches, the project helps prepare communities in two countries where religions have been used to fuel conflict to prevent and deal with such conflicts.

It will research and evaluate situations of religious intolerance, discrimination and conflict, organize visits, training, consultations, capacity-building and engagement with those of different faiths involved in such situations, and engage in advocacy work on behalf of those affected. A fund will be made available in concrete situations to assist individuals and groups at risk (i.e., legal assistance).


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