Up there and down here, Theo Reddick-Ellis

In ordinary, everyday talking,

When we have to speak

Of God

We place Him far beyond

The clouds

And then the puzzle

Remains of how to see

The One above

Also down here below,

And we need a professional


To help us manage

A paradox—

If indeed we succeed

In spotting God

Anywhere in the vicinity.

But I wish

That if we had to start

In a particular place,

God first would be found

Deep inside the marrow

Of all these breathing, becoming,

Decaying, dying, decomposing,

Forgotten, remembered,

Honored, dishonored ones;

The flesh and bones,

Water, rocks, trees, mud,

Bengal tigers and bunnies,

Baby girls and bent old men;

Inhabitants of this teeming creation

And the world itself;

So that the quandary

For those of us who

Have to make some sense of it

Is how we say

That God is here

And deep below,

But She also is

Not just us.

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