Tragedy in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – January 2011

Dear Friends,

Some of you might have heard of the recent tragedy in Rio de Janeiro. Nothing like Haiti but it was the worse natural tragedy in the history of Brazil in terms of people’s death. As of today, January 14, 517 people have died due to inundations and heavy landslides. The various cities affected are about one hour from the city of Rio de Janeiro but they are in the state of Rio De Janeiro. Both rich and poor people were deeply affected and numbers of dead people are still counting. More than 10.000 have lost their homes and are waiting for help. Many of them still without food or drinking water.  Dilma Rousseff, the president of Brazil, visited the region and the government is providing resources and help. If you want to see some images and read about it please check this article at The New York Times:

Please, keep the people of Haiti and the people of Rio de Janeiro in our prayers.

All the blessings,

Cláudio Carvalhaes

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