Thinking broadly about the riots in London

“The riots in England are disconcerting signs of our times. There has been a very inflammable combustive generated within our societies that comes from the underneath of our collective life together that we don’t pay attention.  This combustive is constituted by four components:

the collective promotion of the social inequality and individualism,

the mercatilization of the individual and collective life,

the practice of racism in the name of tolerance,

the kidnaping of democracy by privileged elites and the consequent transformation of the politics into the administration of legal robbery of citizens.

Each one of these components has an internal contradiction.”


Esse combustível é constituído pela mistura de quatro componentes: a promoção conjunta da desigualdade social e do individualismo, a mercantilização da vida individual e coletiva, a prática do racismo em nome da tolerância, o sequestro da democracia por elites privilegiadas e a consequente transformação da política em administração do roubo “legal” dos cidadãos. Cada um dos componentes tem uma contradição interna.

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