Territorial Paradise in Dispute: Aguan, Honduras

This 5-minute video is a contribution from the US Solidarity Delegation that participated in the International Gathering for Human Rights in Aguan, Honduras this past February 16-23.  More than 1,000 people came from 20 countries and all the departments of Honduras, with large delegations from El Salvador, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Mexico, and from Asia, Europe, and the U.S., among other regions of the world.  What we learned was vivid and profound.   Hondurans are building that solidarity economy in their land settlements on these “disputed” lands.  (“Disputed by the 1% who finagled control of the land with bogus “agrarian reform” maneuvers and land titling schemes.)

We encourage people to consider participating in direct Solidarity by becoming international observers hosted by the Permanent International Human Rights Observatory in Aguan, Honduras.  This international solidarity work literally saves the lives of the farmers and their leaders in Aguan.  Tragically, as you will see, more than 50 farmers have been murdered by the guards of the latifundistas, with total impunity.  This is a land grab in process, driving the conversion of agricultural lands to the production of African Palm monocultures for production of biodiesel, a process taking place worldwide.

For background information and a series of articles, videos, photos, analysis, see:


A big thanks to the members of the U.S. delegation for all the great photos and video images!  And to Nothing But the Truth Media and the video director Stephon Barbour. (All this work was done voluntarily, without compensation.)  And to Appalatin for use of their great song:  Vamos al Campo.

Let me know if you are interested in supporting the solidarity work in Honduras, and I will get you hooked up.

peace through justice,

Stephen Bartlett

Coordinator for Education and Advocacy

Agricultural Missions, Inc (AMI)


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