Sunday, September 4, Immigrant Day – A Prayer

life giver, who always accompany the pilgrims of the world,
we thank to you for this earth
which many arrived from our father and mother families
looking for a better life,
and for those who made a place to them,
employed them, offered friendship to them,
and became their families
We are thankful to you
because you also accompanied our own brothers and sisters
who had to emigrate to other lands,
where they also found opportunities, affection and were taken cared of.
We ask to you for those who followed them
still peregrinating today in search of opportunities of a dignified life,
leaving back traditions, language, family, affection,
and especially for those who arrive in our land.
That they may also find respect, understanding and affection here,
and are not set out the be deceived or explored.
Grant us that when seeing immigrants arriving
we might be reminded
that we are all your children
sons and daughters, all pilgrims,
like Jesus, who were an immigrant and persecuted baby.
Bless all the women oh God,
and may “all men and women of the world find a place to live in Argentine ground”,
give strength and  wisdom to people and organizations
who are working to  stop persecution and help us receive people
in order to maintain everybody’s hope for a better future.
By Christ Jesus.
Viviana Pinto, Pastor
Methodist Evangelical church of Flowers, Buenos Aires

2 thoughts on “Sunday, September 4, Immigrant Day – A Prayer

  1. carlota

    Tenho certeza que o Senhor ouve esta oração. Ela vale para qualquer lugar do mundo. No caso de Argentina, onde eu nasci, é especialmente importante pois estão chegando outros latino-americanos, especialmente bolivianos, e não recebem o que oferece a Constituição argentina (frase entre aspas no texto).
    Que o Senhor te abençoe, Claudio, sou uma fã tua da Comunidade Cristã Reformada. Abrçs.

  2. Sandra

    Mto lindo Claudio,desejaria mtas pessoas fazendo essa oraçao e realmente aceitando os imigrantes de uma forma geral sem julgamentos. posso postar isso na minha página? bjo gde a vc!!!

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