Stations of the Cross by Mary Button

Stations of the Cross are a series of artistic representations of the Passion of Christ, depicting the story of his death from his sentencing to the laying of his body in the tomb.

The fourteen images are used devotionally during the Lenten season for prayer and reflection. They provide an opportunity for Christians to enter into the story of Christ’s suffering and experience a relationship with a God who suffers with us.

This series of stations combine images depicting the struggle for LGBT equality through the 20th and 21st century. Each station illustrates the many ways in which the pursuit of justice for LGBT peoples is embedded in the history of the United States.

Artwork by Mary Button, 2013

Check Mary Button fantastic Stations of the Cross  at this address:

One thought on “Stations of the Cross by Mary Button

  1. Kittredge Cherry

    Good news: Mary Button just finished the last painting in her LGBT Stations series: “Station 15: The Resurrection of Christ.” It shows the risen Christ with plaintiffs from the recent US Supreme Court decisions for marriage equality. Her painting makes the glorious connection between the crucified Christ coming out of the tomb to new life and persecuted queer people coming out of the closet to celebrate our love with weddings that are just as valid as any other. You can see the painting and read my reflection at the Jesus in Love Blog on LGBT Spirituality and the Arts:

    Resurrection added to LGBT Stations of the Cross: Jesus rises with marriage equality

    I’m also excited to find your blog because I am working with others to translate my LGBT saints series in to Spanish at my new Santos Queer Blog:

    You’re invited to check it out!

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