Saturday People – Stanley J. Samartha, The Pilgrim Christ

“… Squeezed between Good Friday and Easter,
Ignored by preachers and painters and poets,
Saturday lies cold and dark and silent –
An unbearable pause between life and death. …
There are many Saturday people in the world today:
– children dying for want of food and affection
– brides who being little or no dowry
– mothers who break stones and carry bricks
– boat people waiting for the end of the right-to-asylum debate
– prisoners who die in custody and those killed trying to escape
– hostages who do not see the light of day and detainees who do not see a courtroom
– tribals evicted from forests and fisherfolk separated from the sea
– generations within nations and peoples and tribes doomed to die without hope …

The prophets who lead the Saturday people
Die with them outside the promised land.
There is a Cross in every resurrection.
Is there a Resurrection in every Cross?

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