Prayer for World AIDS Day / Oracion for el dia Mundial de SIDA 2013


Queridos Amigos e amigas, brothers and sisters, Bom dia, Buenos Dias, good morning. I learned with my Christian community that God has an option for the poor, and for those who are hurting without any care from anybody. This morning I am challenged to think about my faith, about my God, from the perspective of those who live with HIV and AIDS, and especially from those who live here in our city, Philadelphia and around the globe. Let us pray:


God of our lives,


We praise you for the miracle of life, and for the gift of our very breathing. You have loved us so deeply, you have called us by our name and have said we are your own. We are here to remember those whom you never forget.  Today we gather together as your people, people from different walks of life, to join our voices in almost a scream to our cities and to you oh God asking for mercy. Have mercy on us oh God.


Have mercy on us oh God because

34 million people around the world had HIV in 2010:


Have mercy on us oh God because

about one-half are women,


Have mercy on us oh God because

one-tenth were children under age 15.


Have mercy on us oh God because

So many people go without treatment, without love, without care.


Have mercy on us oh God because

So many people died and we didn’t care for them.


Have mercy on us oh God because

We have not cared enough for our people in Philadelphia.


Señor, haznos instrumentos de paz:

God, makes us instruments of peace and help us find ways to promote reconciliation in situations of conflict, violence and sexual exploitation.


Donde haya odio, permítenos sembrar amor:

Where there is hatred, help us spread love.


Donde haya injuria, perdón:

Where there is hurt and pain, may we carry healing and forgiveness anywhere we go.


Donde haya oscuridad (falsedad), luz (verdad):

Where there is obscurity and falsity, makes us shine the light of truth!


Donde haya desaliento, esperanza:

Where there is desperation, may we be instruments of hope anew


Donde haya tristeza, nueva alegría:

Where there is sadness, new joy


But we are here also to celebrate! We praise your name for all those who have had access to good medication. We celebrate those who have HIV and AIDS with dignity and honor. We are here to celebrate those who came before us and with resilience gave us a better situation to work with. We are here to celebrate the work of so many people working on the ground, unknown, unnamed. We praise you o God!


And under the name of Jesus Christ, and the names we call for justice


May we keep learning about HIV and AIDS;

May we hear the testimonies and stories of our sisters and brothers who have HIV and AIDS so we may be deeply transformed by their pain and hurt;

May we embrace and protect each one of whose who are affected by HIV and AIDS;

May we fight together to end discrimination and social stigma;

May we learn that people with HIV and AIDS are just like us, precious to your eyes oh God!

May your Spirit help us get rid of our fears and prejudices that lead to acts of violence and in so being free, we may spread the news of freedom and affirm at any cost the honor, the dignity and the glory of our brothers and sisters with HIV and AIDS.

May we create places of healing and shelters of radical acceptance

May we become ourselves places of shelter and hospitality;

May we show the unconditional love of God in our ministries/homes/bodies to those in need;

May we fight with our governments to provide enough and good medicine for all;

May we be bearers of a gospel of miracles, of healing, of new life, of ressurrection;

And may we commit deeply to our brothers and sisters, learning that we are called to serve each and everyone of our sisters and brothers who have HIV and AIDS, not only today or tomorrow, but every day of our lives until we die, with or without HIV and AIDS.


In Jesus name we pray,

Amen, amen, amen!

By Rev. Cláudio Carvalhaes



Oración Franciscana por el Día Mundial del SIDA


Señor, hazme un instrumento de paz:

¿Qué pasos concretos podemos tomar para promover la paz y la reconciliación en situaciones de conflicto, violencia y explotación sexual para ayudar a reducir la incidencia del VIH/SIDA y promover una cultura de paz y reconciliación?


Donde haya odio, permíteme sembrar amor:

¿Cómo podemos los franciscanos y los líderes religiosos crear comunidades de fe que acojan a las personas que viven con VIH/SIDA y todos los afectados por el SIDA y eliminar todos los casos de discriminación y el estigma social?


Donde haya injuria, perdón:

¿Creemos que todas las personas que viven con VIH/SIDA son malas, o inmorales? ¿Cómo podemos liberarlos y permitirles que descubran el rostro de Dios en sus situaciones actuales?


Donde haya división, unidad:

¿Nos llevan nuestros temores y prejuicios a cometer actos de violencia contra nuestros hermanos y hermanas que viven con VIH/SIDA?


Donde haya oscuridad (falsedad), luz (verdad):

¿Podemos hablar y predicar abiertamente acerca de VIH/SIDA, explorando sus orígenes, su impacto, y los temores que nos genera? ¿Podemos comenzar a hablar la verdad en la luz en nuestras comunidades parroquiales, nuestras casas religiosas, y en todas partes?


Donde haya duda, fe verdadera:

¿Podemos servirnos el uno al otro, especialmente a nuestros hermanos y hermanas que viven con VIH/SIDA, de una manera que restaure la fe en Dios? ¿Podemos utilizar el poder de la resurrección para eliminar todos los temores, los temores de contagio que nos hacen rechazar o retirar nuestro amor y apoyo a las personas que viven con VIH/SIDA?


Donde haya desaliento, esperanza:

¿Cómo estamos fomentando comunidades de hospitalidad, receptividad, y curación donde nuestros hermanos y hermanas puedan encontrar “un hogar”, un lugar de acogida y amor?


Donde haya tristeza, nueva alegría:

¿Reconocemos el poder y la gracia en nuestros hermanos y hermanas que viven con VIH/SIDA? ¿Nos permitimos ser “evangelizados” y transformados por el testimonio de nuestros hermanos y hermanas que viven con VIH/SIDA?


(Tomado del sitio Ordo Fratrum Minorum, Frailes Franciscanos.

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