Prayer for Black History Month

Spirit of Abundance, God of Grace, Mother of Hope,

We pause now to remember those stories that are all around us,

But so often passed over,

Those stories that when told are shared because

Of what someone is, not who they are.

This month in our nation’s character

Is Black History month.

Help us to realize that Black history is

All our histories.

May the day come when these stories

Are so wildly taught that no month need

Be separately divided.

We know this day will not come until we as a people

Make different choices.

We pray now for those new choices.

May we come to see a day where the prison system

Becomes redemptive, not punitive.

A day where the legal system learns to focus more squarely on the facts,

And the not colors of our skin.

A day where our schools are as well funded, as the needs demand.

May our role models be allowed to excel when they thrive,

And not be taken down for their rich heritage.

We know this will require a shift in power.

And this can be scary for some.

Give those full of fear – hope.

May we come to know grace,

So that our hearts will not be hardened to the pain around us.

There are so many beautiful stories needing to be told.

And we need to get the chance to hear them.

Widen our vision so that the history that is shared this month,

And every month,

Come to be known as our history too.

We are most human when we see the humanity in others.

Prayer for Black History Month – 2/19/12

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