A Prayer to the Almighty Corporations

Let us pray:


We the people bow down unto thee o holy magnified big corporations, bodies of banks, multinational business, few billionaires, NAFTAS and World Banks of the world and greatest agribusiness! We worship you with all our minds, bodies, souls and spirit! You holy liberal market who have made the the first amendment of our holy constitution be the freedom of the market to do whatever the holy hell you want, we worship you! You who have entered the politics of this and many nations to protect your own most high self-interests and holy needs, we adore you! You who are constant making laws to protect thyself, to criminalize evil social movements of destruction, we worship thee, o holy right one!

You that from the places of secluded power steal from the people and ruin our local economies and turn poverty into exponential numbers, we unashamedly praise you! You who take away from small business, steal land from the natives, crash small farmers, change the genetics of our food, use food for fuel, and poison our soil and our food, we are forever grateful for a blessed faster death! You who use the laws to make it right to exploit people and make everything holy private, we will bless you! You who give us a new sense of the body, the business corpus-ratio, the marketing body of God, where the church of Jesus Christ joyfully puts this money and is just one fundamental part of this now corpo-ratio, we are grateful for this new belonging!

We praise you o holy corpo-rations for the new belonging to the private bodies and not to the illusive sinful common body of the people! We lift up our hearts in praise to you for you are the holy lord of our shrinking banking accounts, misery and nihilism of poor neighborhoods! It is right and just to give thanks to this new incarnation of precious greed, unlimited desire and for the unabashed relief not have to take care of the earth or anybody else. We thank you o holy one for teaching us a new ecumenism where we learn to keep alliances with those who kill and oppress and colonize others so we won’t lose the dialogue with these precious brothers and sisters of our own economic faith. We praise you for the continuous Sunday cathecumenal teaching of a precious segregated racial and class hour where we at least once a week feel safe in your arms and the arms of those who look like us! Praise be your name!

And forgive us when we don’t thrown our alms to feed some hungry people once a week. We praise you for kindly teaching us that we have no power, that revolution is against the law, that we must fear engage any contestation, so we won’t lose our godly privileges that you have given to us because of the Christ filled American dream. Thank you for reminding us to fear the others as we shall, for telling us to be vigilant to protect our interests and the interest of our sons and daughters, for telling us repeatedly, while in necessary holy disguise, that we don’t have to fight for each other, and for making us consume mostly everything we don’t need. For all of these things we will offer you eternal glory and shout alleluias asking forgiveness for doing so during lent.

Under thy transcendent and immanent presence, we will continue praising you oh holy magnified corporations, until the dawn of our time on this earth, when we will finally, depleted of all kinds of resources, died with our pacha mama, so that we will sing glories and alleluias with the angels and archangels for eternity near the ashes of your debris! Soli corpo-ratio gloria! Cláudio Carvalhaes

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