Peace for Life Statement on North Africa & Middle East

Peace for Life call for solidarity with the struggling people of North Africa and the Middle East

Affirming that the absence of freedom, the satisfaction of the basic rights of people?such as to education, health, decent housing and jobs?and participation in the decision-making processes that determine their lives impede the possibilities of living in peace and experiencing life in its fullness, the international and interreligious organization Peace for Life expresses its solidarity with the people in North Africa and the Middle East in their struggle for democratic rights and the achievement of these principles.

The uprisings that have occurred and continue to occur as people protest in the streets demanding better opportunities and more just and democratic societies, and the gains that have been made, serve to uplift hope in what appeared to have been times of hopelessness and despair. Once again we are reminded that unity, creativity, determination, perseverance and faith can upset the apparently already established course of history. For this lesson we are grateful to our brothers and sisters in those countries engaged in struggle, as we express our pain for those who have experienced or are experiencing repression, loss of loved ones or forced displacement from their land.

Being conscious of the fact that at such a time as this, the Empire will try to do everything within its power to defend its geopolitical interests in the region?control of neighboring countries and control of natural resources such as water, petroleum and gas?we call upon people in different parts of the world, especially those within the Empire, to denounce any actions geared in this direction, to use their discernment in interpreting information and to defend the people of the region with passion and compassion so that lives may be spared.

We call upon the present rulers to listen to the cry of their people and to abstain from using violence, which will only serve as pretext for the intervention of foreign interests, leading to further suffering and death for the masses.

We call upon the international community, especially the United Nations, to prevent foreign military intervention.

We call upon people of faith and their organizations to place their resources at the service of those who are forced to emigrate from their countries and other needs that may arise.

We call upon people of goodwill worldwide to unite in prayer and concrete expressions of solidarity with the people of North Africa and the Middle East in their struggle for justice, peace and LIFE itself, life with dignity and opportunities.

Rev. Eunice Santana Melecio
Moderator, Peace for Life

March 4, 2011


Peace for Life Secretariat
2/F, BLVM Ecumenical Center
879 EDSA, West Triangle
Quezon City, Philippines 1104
Telefax: (+632) 9278043


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