Nuns on the Bus

Every hour of each day, Catholic Sisters stand in solidarity with all who live in poverty, and we confront injustice and systems that cause suffering.

We cannot stand by silently when the U.S. Congress considers further enriching the wealthiest Americans at the expense of struggling, impoverished families.

As part of our campaign for budget fairness we are taking a bus trip. Our bus will travel to places in many states where Sisters actively serve people in need. For they are our best witnesses to the suffering our federal government must not ignore.

We ask all who visit this website to join us in prayer and to support our work to defeat government actions that would add to the suffering of already struggling families.

This bus trip has been organized and is sponsored by NETWORK, A National Catholic Social Justice Lobby, and the NETWORK Education Program.

From the NETWORK Web Site:  “Our Catholic faith teaches us that because people were created in the image of God, each person has an inherent and unalienable dignity. This further means that each person has a right to the conditions for living a decent life, including nourishment and a safe place in which to raise a family. The conditions for living a decent life come from a strong economy, an economy that not only generates enough resources for all, but which makes adequate resources available to all.”

NETWORK supports:

  • strong safety net, ensuring the meeting of basic human needs: this is the antithesis of the Ryan Budget which cuts away the safety net for America’s most vulnerable citizens.
  • a federal budget that promotes jobs and creates meaningful work when insufficient jobs are available through private markets:
  • progressive taxation, expecting those who are most able to invest the most in the common good: this is not Socialism, this is Catholicism/Christianity.
  • federal oversight and regulation of private industries and businesses to ensure safe and just practices: this includes paying living wages to workers and providing benefits! There is nothing Anti-Catholic about ensuring private industry treats its workers with dignity.

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