Numbers of “Minority” Faculty in about 300 Theological Schools in USA Are Very Small

I participated at a conference with faculty from the Association of Theological Schools this weekend and the numbers of faculty diversity among theological schools in US are staggering low.
Males prevail enormously over  women. Racial Ethnic professors are very few and hispanics, which is now the largest minority in United States is the smallest percentage.
Among so many other things, that shows that 1) seminaries and theological schools do not match the diversity of the population and has not followed its progressions and movements; 2) these numbers do mirror the small percentage of racial minorities in mainline and evangelical protestant churches; 3) How much the liberal “welcoming discourses” we hear everywhere are just another instrument of the patriarchal system to keep its power in course. In other words, it changes the discourses in order to keep the practices; 4) how much work still need to be done.
This is from the Association of Theological Schools
70% Male
30 % Female
 79% white
6% Asian
8% Black
4% Hispanic
2& non reported


Cláudio Carvalhaes

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