July 4, 1976 in Argentina – Let us remember them!!

On july 4, 1976, during the military dictatorship in Argentina, three pallottine priests and two seminarists were assassinated (actually executed with a bullet in their necks) in the parsonage of “san patricio” church, where they served. Argentineans refer to this as “la masacre de san patricio”.

ALFREDO LEADEN Nacido el 23 de mayo de 1919 en Buenos Aires, Capital Federal. ALFREDO JOSÉ KELLY Nacido el 5 de mayo de 1933 en Suipacha, Bs. As. PEDRO EDUARDO DUFAU Nacido el 13 de octubre de 1908 en Mercedes, Bs, As. SALVADOR BARBEITO DOVAL, seminarista, nacido el 01/09/51 en Pontevedra, España. EMILIO JOSÉ BARLETTI, seminarista, nacido el 22/11/52 en San Antonio de Areco, Bs. As.

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