I’ve been traveling around…

Life has taken some unexpected turns recently and I’ve been traveling more than I had planned. Here are some places I’ve been in the past tree months:

* Louisville

* Doing several things at Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary

* Vancouver, Canada

* Leading a seminar at “Behold! An Intercultural Conference,” United Church of Canada

* Portland, OR

* With Paul, Jan and Andy had lots of fun going around Portland, eating well and watching the Timbers!

* Seattle, WA

* With Marisa going around Seattle, visiting “Wake” by RIchard Serra

* Chicago, IL

* With a group of scholars at an American Academy of Religion event called: Summer Seminars on Religious PLuralism and Comparative Theology

* New York, NY

* Visiting the art Exhibition at MOMA: Francis Alÿs: A Story of Deception

* Salvador, BA

* Researching on Candomblé

* Sao Paulo, SP

* hanging out with family

And from here…

* Sao Luiz, MA

* Getting to know the popular Bumba Meu Boi Fest

* Festa de Sao João de Caruaru, PE

* Getting to know a popular Saint John festivity (20 million visitors)

* Rio de Janeiro, RJ

* Brasilia, DF

* São Paulo, SP

* Spend time with Mom

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