‘Homeless Jesus’? Even a sculpture is rejected by Christian churches

A Toronto artist created the sculpture above of Jesus as a homeless. The only way you know its Jesus is because of the wounds on his feet. Christian churches rejected the sculpture saying that  “it was not an appropriate image.” Of course not! Homeless people are never appropriate. What is appropriated is the “Christus pantokrator,” the almighty, the all-powerful Christ. We are better off with our golden vests, golden cups and hierarchical liturgical paraphernalia, affirming of God’s power through our nostalgia of our long lost CHristian empire.  The poor Jesus, the one who lives amidst the poor, smelly, filthy,  losers ones under the mighty of this neo-liberal Tea Party economical empire of few, these are indeed an embarrassment to the dominant class power  gospel. No, no no! Our Christian commitment must be with the poor and any possible deception of the least of these should be not only allowed but demanded in our churches, so we remind each other that the  gospel allies Jesus with the least of these and reflects clearly, God’s option for the poor.  What have we done to this gospel?

Read more here: http://www.upi.com/blog/2013/04/15/Homeless-Jesus-sculpture-rejected-by-two-churches/9481366026437/#ixzz2QrCo8QXs

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