Grace within grace – Leonardo Boff

Deep harmony!
God was not distant
Not far at all!
The symphony of sounds
Did everything to become one
A pure and constant force
Trying to connected all beings, one by one.

God was the deepest I
carrying my conscious self.
He took me by the root, by the botton,
Joining my heart, mind and body.
Feeling that there is no outside!
Living intensely and fully
Every moment here and now!

Was not that situation grace?
The supreme presence of Being
That unites and embraces everything?
Now I can feel and see:
The precious wine and cup
were a single Being:
Grace within grace!

It brings in us a renewed love of all that exists and lives. And when we feel prostrated, with no desire to live and be with others, God invites us: “Come to my house and rest, redo your strength and experience how gentle my love is.”

(From the book in Português: “The Lord is my shepherd: divine consolation for human helplessness.” Sexatante Ed, p. 142-143)

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