Fasnacht evening at LTSP

The LTSP community gathered to celebrate Fasnacht. The junior, middler and senior classes created skits and many including faculty shared their talents. This page is linked to the professor who is teaching my liturgy class this semester. Dr. Carvalhaes captured and posted video of our junior class skit of which I was a part. I don’t appear until the end…so no scooting out before the end. 😉 The setting for our skit is a professor “Dating Game.”
The cast includes:
Dr. Claudio Carvalhaes played by Elyssa E Salinas
Dr. Jon Pahl played by Zane Dukes
Dr. Karen Wiseman played by Lisa Jester
Dr. Nelson Rivera played by Cari Hayes
Dean Jayakiran Sebastian played by Dan Purtell
Dr. Timothy J. Wengert played by Lori Anne Kirk
Brett Betkoski stage crew





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