Evensong – “In peace I will lie down …” (Psalm 4: 8)

Before the sunset,  and my body finally rest at night,

may I wake up just to see your face.

I ask you, o God, humbly

that your peace flood my life and my family, the lives of my friends and neighbors …

I pray, with all my strength, that the same peace blossom forth

in my city and my country, on this continent and in the world

And if in your infinite goodness

You give me the opportunity to see a new day,

give me courage to work with all your sons and daughters,

arm in arm, heart to heart,

until your peace become a reality among all beings who inhabit this earth. Amen.

(Elizabeth Hernandez, Mexico. Taken from the Book of Worship of the Board of ClaI V)


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