Creed for the World Aids Day, from Cuba


In the news, analysis confirming
that HIV / AIDS continues to rise and leave me defenseless …

We believe in those who do not ask for tests
To love and defend our cause

In between my fingers
stones that were almost thrown away…

We believe in those who, with their fingers drawing on sand
Ask, as if they don’t want the stones
Who is free of sin?

Amid the shaky and elusive hands
who are afraid to touch me, hug me or say hello …

We believe  in those who taught us to be with the lepers,
With the blind possessed by evil spirits ,
With the woman who’s bleeding…
With those who suffer, they don’t bite, they suffer

Amid the pain of my body … my soul fears

while a number of projects runs constantly in my mind …

We remember the quest ”   “Let this cup pass from me,”
We remember “Why have you forsaken me” and the cock crowing for the third time
And we remember the third day.

(sent by the Community Health Program, Council of Churches of Cuba)

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