Celebrating Narges Moshiri’s Life in Three Movements: Sadness, Gratitude and Celebration

Celebrating Narges Moshiri’s Life in Three Movements:





Tristeza – Song

Tristeza, Vinicius de Moraes


Por favor vai embora

A minha alma que chora

Está vendo o meu fim

Fez do meu coração

A sua moradia

Já é demais o meu penar

Quero voltar aquela

Vida de alegria

Quero de novo cantar


A song from the Brazilian Poet Vinicius de Moraes

A song that Narges liked to hear



Please, go away

My soul that cries

Is foreseeing my end

You made my heart into your home

My suffering has already gone too far

I want to go back to that life of joy

I want to sing again


La da la la…

Quero de novo cantar

Quero de novo cantar

Quero de novo cantar



Collective Prayer

Our hearts are filled with sadness because we lost our precious, precious precious, precious… Narges.  This sadness that took my heart and made it its home, doesn’t want to leave. So for now, for this brief moment we will allow this sadness to come fully to our hearts and the way we will do it is by praying for each other. We are all here in such a fragile state, I feel my heart is beating outside of my chest.

Our precious Narges…

She was our North, our South, our East and West,

A joyful noise in our hearts, an always welcoming nest

Stop all the clocks, our hearts filled with sadness

Set a table before us, her joy and compassion hunting us with gladness


So we will mourn

Praying for each other.

Let us pray especially for Isabelle, for Josephine and for Chris.

Let us give the best gift of our hearts can offer to them now

So may God give them/us the strength to face this hour.

Let us pray silently in our hearts

Tristeza, por favor vai embora…

Kyrie eleison
Have mercy oh God

Hear our prayers

When our hearts are shattered by Narges death

Heal us, make Narges presence abide in our hearts until the end of our days

We pray in the name of the love that SHE loved us all.


Song – Blessed Be



We were so blessed by Narges weren’t we?

Now it is time for us to remember the ways in which she blessed us.

We will continue to sing softly and I want you to speak loud in one phrase

How did Narges blessed you?


My Blessing – Band keep playing softly


Blessed be the very moment when the universe, when God thought of the existence of Narges.

Blessed be the womb who gave her birth

Blessed be her mother, her father, her sister and her whole family

Blessed be the meals she ate

Blessed be the school she studied, the streets of Abadan, Teheran and her country

Blessed be the toys she played with

Blessed be the day when the family decided to come to Canada

Blessed be the day she came to Harvard

Blessed be the day she met Chris

Blessed be forever the day they fell in love

Blessed be the many meals they had together

Blessed be their marriage and the day of their wedding

Blessed be the very day when Josephine was conceived

Blessed be the day she was born into this family

Blessed be the day they came to Louisville to bless us all

Blessed be the very day when Isabelle was conceived

Blessed be the day she was born into this family

Blessed be the many days Narges breastfed her daughters

Blessed be the Waldorf school where she taught

Blessed be all the children who learned with her and were recipients of her love

Blessed be all the flowers she touched

Blessed be cats she loved and all the animals she wanted to bring home

Blessed be Danny who gave her so much joy

Blessed be her strength to fight this illness

Blessed be Narges for her resilience, her smiles, always

Blessed be her heart who was always offered as a house to whomever got near her

Blessed be the countless meals she cooked

Blessed be food, for food made her body rejoyce

Blessed be household of Narges, Chris, Josephine and Isabelle

Blessed be the many years they lived together

Blessed be the many meals they ate together

Blessed be the song they sang together before every meal holding hands

Blessed be her birth,

Blessed be her life,

Blessed be her death,

Blessed be our beloved Narges

Blessed be our beloved Narges

Blessed be our beloved Narges



Drumming starts 

Transitions to celebration – celebrating Narges life


And now, we will end with a joyful noise.

We will sing and dance and rejoice in Narges life and will keep her memory forever

With a song Chris composed


Singing Gloria, In Excelsis Deo 

Get Chris & girls

Everybody leaves – the band keeps playing, we keep celebrating our precious Narges


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