Carnival, the Greatest Show on Earth! From Fabric Workers to Presidents!

“This thing here friend,  is a little bit of Brazil!”

Oh how beautiful is Carnival in Brazil! From the Galo da Madrugada in Recife, to the Trio Elétricos  in Bahia, the return of the  small carnival groups and their special songs on the streets, and in every corner of the cities throughout Brazil, carnival is a  celebration of  joy that insists to linger even amidst the misfortunes and social injustices of daily life. In Sao Paulo, in these past two days, samba schools were making the greatest show on Earth and showing us a delightful storytelling through all of the senses and fascinating imaginaries and music.


Each school tells us about a different theme: among them, love,  the history of Brazil and the world, about women, African culture and religions, about Candomblé, mothers, about the artistic movement called Tropicália and the artists Gilberto Gil, Caetano Veloso and Rita Lee, about the Brazilian writer Jorge Amado, the world as seen through the lenses of our hands, the history of Lula and a final beautiful song about peace.Where do we find such explosion of beauty and brilliancy and excitement and collective work when around 3 to 4 thousand dancers, musicians, most of them “regular people” go to the avenue telling a different story through a whole lot of joy?  There can’t be books, essays or treatises that can create or even translate what goes on that night at the Carnival avenue!


Last night, in the midst of such abundance of beauty and joy and excitement beyond words, a fascinating gesture was done during the parade, speaking of the possibilities of changes in history and social transformation:  300 percussionists of the “Faithful Hawks” exchanged their fantasy in the middle of the parade! They started dressed up as workers, and in the middle of the song, they changed clothes and became presidents of Brazil’s nation!


What they showed was the real possibilities of real democracy in this country, that a fabric worker, an almost illiterate person could be elected president of a nation. When the percussionists change cloths in the middle of the parade, they show us that changes in our lives and country are possible! They showed us that when we  fight against the powers that be and the few forces that hold us hostages to ourselves can be overcome, that we cain make  changes. The social change with Lula as elected president, now is deeply rooted in the social conscience and imaginaries of this country and can help us hope and dream that people can fight back and become the owners of their own destinies, their own lives and histories! Lula elected as president of Brazil is this sign and symbol of  this possibility now stuck in the minds and hearts and souls of the people.


A  worker who never got any school diploma in his life, one day, after much struggle, walks up the ramp of the presidential palace to receive the first diploma of his life: the diploma of the President of the Federative Republic of Brazil!


May these dreams and real events in life keep us in the struggles of day to day life, without moving from the trenches where the fight  is done and must be faced! For if a worker can become president of a nation, our country may also one day be a place of justice and equality for all!Let us go to the parades and dance the carnival! Let us celebrate the possibilities of life! Let us then anticipate the coming of full justice for this and all countries around the world! May  joy be the proof of our right path, and may the greatest show on earth continue to make us dream and rejoice!

See below the video when Lula receives his diploma as president of Brazil and cries:



Photo: Adriano Vizoni/Folhapress and others

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