Cambia, todo cambia en este mundo / Change, everything changes in this world


Cambia todo cambia en este mundo / Change, everything changes in this world

Hispanic Summer Program – San Antonio 2019


Cambia, todo cambia

Cambia, todo cambia


Change, everything changes

Change, everything changes


Asi canta Mecedes Sosa.

This is what Mecedes Sosa sings.


Life is made of change.

Nothing stays the same.

Our lives are but a sequence of changes, either is some slow-motion transformations of abrupt refigurations.


Cambia, todo cambia

Change, everything changes


Change la senora que hace las tortillas, and the bus driver

Change our teachers at school and the dulces we eat on the street

Change the dogs that walk around our neighborhoods and the songs we sing at church

Change the seasons of the year and the companions throughout our lives

Change the books we read, the places we use to belong and the birds on the trees.

Change the farmers who pick the corn and the colors of our cloths


Cambia, todo cambia

Change, everything changes


Our communities know change very well.  Since 1492 the indigenous populations of the Americas have seen more changes than they want. Their worlds were decimated so many times. And they continue to change in their daily surviving against all the brutal attacks perpetrated by ethnic cleansing for more than 500 years.

Plunder, diseases, extractivism, robbery, disasters.


Cambia, todo cambia

Change, everything changes


Along with them, the Africans had to move and change. They were violently brought to this land and have also to learn how to constantly change. They have been used, abused, exploited, destroyed. Like the indigenous people, they live in the margins of our societies throughout the Americas adapting to the constant attacks on their dignity.


Cambia, todo cambia

Change, everything changes


Our Latinxs communities know way too well how death has come to our land, our cities, our rivers, our air, our animals, our mountains, our religions.

Coloniality! Old and anew! Visiting us time and again. Viciously uprooting ourselves from the places we belonged. Changing everything.


Cambia, todo cambia


The earth, a place without a soul, can only be the ex-change of monetary value.

Our people, ripped apart from their land and strength so that, colonizers can go back and again extracting everything they want for the sake of their comfort and profit.

Our waters polluted

Our lands vilipended

Our souls extracted

Our bodies injured

Our hearts wounded


Cambia, todo cambia


But more. The climate is changing too drastically, now more than ever. Our land is getting dried out, our food is getting scarce and our water is disappearing.  These new  changes were unheard of and now we are getting panicked. Our lives aren’t the same, once again, and we are not protected from anything, just as we weren’t before.


Cambia, todo cambia


El Norte continue to live in comfort and ignorance

While our people cannot make ends meet


El Norte lives in obscene abundant resources and vast waste

While nuestras familias go hungry.


El Norte gives subsidies to the agribusiness of NAFTA

While nuestros campesinos become climate refugees


Cambia, todo cambia


With everything stolen, our communities live in scarcity

We lose our bearings while our societies become dangerous and violence places

With very little left to hold on to


Cambia, todo cambia


That is why our people migrate to El Norte

People go where the money is

For no one wants to leave their homes and be uprooted, leave behind the communities they gave their lives to build

And yet, they do it hoping to find some kind of safety, food, work and home

For the future of our children


Cambia, todo cambia


But nobody want us here

No bad hombres!

No rapists!

No deseases!

They are dangerous people!


Build the wall!

Build the wall!


Cambia, todo cambia


Those who want to build the wall will also be gone!

Tyrants and fascists, everyone will go

For everything changes, including the policies of death


As for our people

Some will never come here, for they rather stay in their homes no matter what

Trying to make life possible in the midst of so many challenges


But some people will come and will able to make a living

Working for less

Living in fear

Doing the work nobody wants to do


And some of us will die on the way

Crossing so many borders

Trying desperately to cling unto some form of hope


Cambia, todo cambia


Just this week, a father and a daughter had beautiful dreams for a new life. Oscar Alberto Martinez and his 23-old month daughter Valeria Martinez drowned at Rio Branco river trying to make a way into the United States. They left El Salvador looking for a new life, trying to run away from violence and find some form of cuidado, protection and love. I imagine Alberto saying something like this to his precious daughter just before they go into the river:


No te preocupes mi hijita, papá está aquí para cuidarte. Llegaremos a los Estados Unidos y usted tendrá una cama bien cómoda, una hermosa muñeca y una escuela donde aprenderá inglés y un dia serás una mujer importante. Despues, mama llegará también. No te preocupes! Agárrate a mi cuello! Vamo-nos!


Do not worry my little daughter, dad is here to take care of you. We will arrive in the United States and you will have a comfortable bed, a beautiful doll and a school where you will learn English and one day you will be an important woman. Later, mom will arrive too. Don’t you worry! Hold on to my neck! Let’s go!


Cambia, todo cambia


Even the growing borders all around us. One more time. All the time.

But in the midst of borders, impediments, desperation and death

We gather at the Hispanic Summer Program

We gather at churches of all kinds, everywhere

We gather around the kitchens of our abuelitas y abuelitos

We gather as people of many religions and no religion


And we repetitively say:


Si, cambia, todo cambia

Yes, change, everything changes



Solo nuestros corazones no cambian

Only our hearts don’t change.


And we will continue to gather together

At all and any place

We will continue to study, to pray, to dance, to eat and to bless each other!



Lo que cambió ayer

Tendrá que cambiar mañana

Así como cambio yo

En esta tierra lejana


Pero no cambia nuestro amor

Por más lejo que me encuentre

Ni el recuerdo ni el dolor

De mi pueblo y de mi gente[1]


We will not forget our people

No olvidaremos a nuestra gente.


Cambia, todo cambia. Asi es!

Pero el amor por nuestra gente, eso no cambia


Change, everything changes. Yes, we know it.

But our love for our people, that will never change.

[1]Todo Cambia, Mercedes Sosa