At the Communion table on 9/13/01 – Union Theological Seminary, NYC

At this table, feasting, praying; fruit of vine and sheaf of wheat;/We remember Jesus saying “They shall have enough to eat.” /Multitudes of weary seekers, loaves and fishes, mouths to feed; /“What have we among so many? We can never meet this need.”

To this table, fragments gathered, we approach with anxious hearts. /Disconnected, scared and scattered, we have need to take our parts. /Saints from south and north surround us; words of care from west and east; /True communion, healing union, seeds of hope prepare the feast.

From this table, God of plenty, loaf remains and wine yet flows. /Teach us how to fill the empty, gather fragments, nourish souls. /Hurting people found in Jesus warm embrace in broken bread. /Wounded Healer, Hurt Revealer, help us feed as we are fed.
–Patrick Evans, 9/13/01

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