An Immigrant’s Prayer

An Immigrant’s Prayer

O holy God, Heart of heaven and earth, praised be your holy name. Your daughters and sons, from all peoples of the world, regardless of borders, praise you.

We praise you and give you thanks because you have placed in our hands the immigrant pilgrims who make the earth flourish and produce, to bring food to the table of the rich and the poor alike.

We praise you and give you thanks because you walk always with those who cross borders, in search of well-being, doing their part in building the world you entrusted to us.  On our way, we are mindful of your Presence in the promise to Abraham and in the liberation of your people, Israel.

We praise you and give you thanks for your blessings on all immigrants, on those who cross all the borders in the United States.

And you, O Lady of Guadalupe, empress of the Americas, be always our protector and intercessor for reconciliation and the building of equality and peace. Amen.

By Remigio Hernández, an immigrant to the United States.

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