Alert SB6!

An immigration bill has been passed in the Kentucky Senate.  In the coming weeks, it will be considered by the KY House of Representatives. Time is of the essence. This legislation, SB6, has been compared to the Arizona law that is currently being challenged in federal court.

Legislation, like SB6*, will foster an environment where people are evaluated based on their appearance and be subject to increased scrutiny.  If passed, this legislation would put at risk our church leaders, members, and those in our communities.  SB6 presents challenges to creating a worshipping community because it:

  • Includes an overly broad and vague definition of “assisting” an undocumented immigrant which can include providing transportation or other services.
  • Will foster an environment of mistrust and hostility as those who “look like immigrants” are questioned and subjected to more scrutiny.  This environment is harmful to all of God’s people.

The U.S. immigration policy is broken and in need of reform.  However, this is the work of the federal government, not state governments.  SB6 presents additional challenges to our state because it:

  • Diverts local and state law enforcement resources from crime fighting and investigation that would keep our community safe to civil violations of federal immigration law.
  • Reduces the crimes reported by immigrants, even if the immigrant is a victim of a crime since the legislation requires local police to check the immigration status of those with whom they come into contact with if there is reasonable suspicion the person may be unauthorized.

If this is not the kind of community you want to live in, contact your state representative and urge them to oppose the senate’s immigration bill, SB6.  Visit the following website to see who represents you and get contact information.

Calling your representatives is quick and easy.  Below is a sample script.  The person on the phone will ask for your name and address.  You then leave a message that will be passed on to your senator.  A sample script is below.

Hello.  This is ________ and I was calling to leave a message for Representative _________.  Would you please tell him/her that I am opposed to the Senate’s immigration bill, SB6.  This legislation opposes the values I hold dear and puts my family and friends at risk.  It will place an unnecessary

burden my local police department and have a negative impact on my community.

Please urge him/her to oppose this legislation.  Thank you.

*To view a copy of the proposed legislation, visit, and click on SB6.

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  1. Sierra

    Hey my name is Sierra and my husband is hispanic and we are all concerned about this legislation and was wondering if you knew when this was supposed to go forth!

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