A word of gratitude to Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary

My first 4 years at Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary were wonderful. I was granted space, freedom and support for my work. There I learned how to teach better, I developed my skills, I shaped my place in the liturgical/preaching field and rediscovered  my voice. I was able to break new ground in worship and honor tradition as I taught and developed a diverse, ecumenical and global worship program that became one of the most  valuable learning spaces for students. Besides, I worked with a wonderful faculty, great staff and a host of fascinating students.  I found friends in  Louisville that I could trust and share life. I will carry them with me. I will miss LPTS terribly for all that I received there. My deepest gratitude to President Dean Thompson who  brought me here and believed in me, to the teaching faculty of the school, to those who wrote warm  words of affection to me in these last days  and for all the people who influenced and shaped my life during these 5 years there. All the blessings to this school!

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