A Prayer for the human tragedy behind Immigration – English/Spanish

By Rev. Jose Luis Casal


Your presence transcends all human-made borders and your love crosses all boundaries. Help us to join you at the borders and help us to extend hope to those who live without a future and dignity at the border.

All: We pray that you help us to promote laws that protect the rights and dignity of everyone, especially those who are most vulnerable.

God of justice

Your love transcends our limitations and our unfair rules that discriminate against and divide humankind.

All: We pray that the dignity of all God’s children will be acknowledged and protected in every country of the world but especially in our country.

God of mercy

Your wisdom transcends our limited understanding and our conditional charity. Help us to end the violence and poverty that displace so many people from their homes and homelands as they seek to find new dreams and horizons.

All: We pray that employers and corporations may choose the dignity and worth of each human person over profit and power.

God of all peoples

Your merciful compassion transcends our unlimited selfishness that condemns millions of people around the world to lives of misery, hunger, sickness and utter despair.Creator and Sustainer

All: We offer our prayer

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