A Muslin and A Jewish Prayer for Peace in Palestine

A Muslim Prayer for Peace, by Abd Al-Rahman, a carpentry student at the Vocational Training Center, in Gaza, a Church-related institution

In the Name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate, Liberate our prisoners. Assist us, for our homes are destroyed. Protect us from frightening Wars. Lead us everywhere. Show us the right Path. Let it rain and do not leave us thirsty. Make our country safe. Fix our hurt from corruption. Mend our internal affairs in this country. Make this country peaceful. Protect us from air strikes. Free us from occupation. Response: AMEN. A Christian Prayer for Peace, by Elise Aghazarian, Jerusalem. We pray for more active voices that challenge ambivalence. For a more effective, profound, and empathetic spirit of solidarity. For Palestinian farmers whose lands are expropriated, for families whose houses are demolished, for people who are losing their right to live in their cities. For West Bankers who are not allowed to pray in Jerusalem. For students who are tired from standing on checkpoints. For Palestinian women. For political prisoners. For those challenging different forms of pain. For the besieged in Gaza. For horizons that challenge walls, for steadfastness that challenges despair. For the freedom of Palestine. Response: AMEN.

A Jewish Prayer for Peace By RABBI ARIK ASCHERMAN

Jerusalem Eloheinu V’Elohei Kadmoneinu (Our God and God of our Ancestors), strengthen us to overcome our fear and to be Your partners in creating the world that You envisioned when You promised our ancestors, “Through you shall all the families of the earth be blessed” (Genesis 12:1, 26:4, 28:14). Help us to understand that today it is we Israelis who hold overwhelming power in our hands. That power is the greatest challenge to Your ethical imperatives that we passed from generation to generation, because we now have the ability to do to others what was done to us. Our sages have taught us, “Who is truly mighty? One who overcomes his/her impulses” (Pirkei Avot), and “One who turns an enemy into a friend” (Pirkei Avot D’Rabbi Natan). Help us to overcome and grant us courage. Though we know in our hearts the path we must take, we have failed to do so. Barukh Ata Adonai Blessed are You Adonai, Sovereign of the universe, who gives strength to the weary.

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