The 9 International Gathering of Women: Feminism in March to Change the World August 2013

From the 9 International Gathering of Women: Feminism in March to Change the World that is happening in Brasil. Look at some highlights from Nancy Cardoso Pereira who is there now:

* Anti-capitalistic eco feminist socialist against social eternal debt.
* Prof Ariel from Australia: Capitalism only works with over exploitation of nature and women.
* The struggle against the capitalist exploitation cannot avoid the struggle against patriarchy!
* Colombia: GEnder violence is not secondary. Everything is tied up together, Capital and patriarchy!
* Brazil: No to privatization: It always punish women as it degrades the conditions of work for them! 5 mining companies are devastating the region in Minas Gerais. “Law” does not work because law was created by the business companies to do what they want! Federal government does not work either because they serve these companies. They manipulate everything. What is law in Canada does not work in Brazil. We must stop the laws of the mining companies.
* Morocco: Marrocos: in clothing and agriculture sectors, rights are not respected, violation is protected by the interests of economic sectors. Feminism: more than rights is about a radical change that will warrant the rights from the perspective of class and women
* Chile: Violence is the way to make the system function. WE want dignity!
* Argentina: against the power-plants and for the defense of the territory. For the freedom of rivers! Together we can!
* Venezuela: the Bolicar movement of women get together to the international march of women!
* Mozambique: We are educated to serve men and take care of the house. Our land and our work has been invaded by the Brazilian capitalism. I have no country, I am a feminist! Together we can save the grabbing of our lands that is making our women suffer.!/s/I+Am+Woman/2vFUBs?src=5

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