70% of women who pass through Mexico toward the U.S. are violated

70% of women who pass through Mexico toward the U.S. are violated, what is considered by many as “the price of passage.” How to respond as a church in Mexico and the U.S.?

I’m still standing, clutching a small rusty metal railing that is my only link between these two cars loaded with cement. I do not want to sit down so I would not be tired and sleep. I do not trust the Beast. They are little more than five in the morning. I look down, and shines a flashlight small wheels of the Beast. I have the impression of standing on a giant blade kind that squeaks constantly. One misstep, one push, and that was an oversight. We just go through the stop of Matias Romero, a small town in Oaxaca, Mexico. My traveling companions, illegals hanging with me on this freight train, I say that now it really gets good. “We went into the territory of the Zetas,” a Guatemalan me go.Los Zetas! Probably the most bloodthirsty cartel of drug traffickers in this country. Those who engage in Internet videos up beheading their victims. The perpetrators of the slaughter of San Fernando, where they killed 72 illegal migrants like these, like us, after abducting them. “If the train stops suddenly, and without justification, skip man, because they’ll get on the Maras and the Zetas. Jump and run into the woods if you want to stay alive,” he says another of migrants.


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