A prayer for the death of all the bees in our planet

I prayer for the death of all the bees in our planet:

Oh God of all the bees, we thank you for all the honey we once had and the cross-pollination bees brought to our world. Now we offer the bees to your hands. We understand that agribusiness say we can’t plant without agri-toxics. Thank you them and for all the pesticides that are killing people and bugs and insects and destroying the the eco-systems of our world everywhere. We give to you the beginning of of the end of our world as we know it. May you build new beehives in heaven and receive them all in your beehive holy breast. May they live and eat in peace in the flowers of heaven since here there is nothing they can eat besides poison. Accept their beautiful bodies and precious souls!


And all the earth says: LONG LIVE AGRIBUSINESS and all its pesticides!

Are we witnessing the extinction of bees ?