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    SEMINÁRIO UNIÃO CONTRATA DOIS NOVOS PROFESSORES NAS ´AREAS DE LITURGIA E PREGAÇAO 25 de janeiro de 2016   NEW YORK, NY – O Seminário Teológico União anunciou a nomeação de dois novos membros do seu corpo docente para o ano letivo 2016-2017: Dr. Cláudio Carvalhaes e Dr. Lisa L. Thompson.   “Nós não poderíamos estar mais animados com esses dois professores”, disse Serene Jones, presidente do Seminário Teológico União. “Homilética e litúrgica têm sido partes fundamentais na identidade do Seminário União e estamos honrados e emocionados em acolher dois acadêmicos e professores com excelentes credenciais como Dr. Carvalhaes e Dr. Thompson.   Cláudio é um estudioso proeminente na área da adoração e liturgia, além de ter uma reputação mundial como um professor dinâmico e vivificante. Dr. Thompson, embora no início de sua carreira acadêmica, já estabeleceu uma reputação nacional como pregadora por excelência. Seu espírito e intelecto serão uma bênçãoRead More →


    UNION HIRES TWO NEW FACULTY IN HOMILETICS AND WORSHIP – January 25, 2016   NEW YORK, NY — Union Theological Seminary announced the appointment of two new members of its faculty for the 2016-2017 academic year: Dr. Cláudio Carvalhaes and Dr. Lisa L. Thompson.   “We couldn’t be more excited about these two important appointments,” said Serene Jones, president of Union Theological Seminary. “Homiletics and the liturgical life of Union have long been central to our identity and we are honored and thrilled to welcome two scholars and teachers with the excellent credentials that Dr. Carvalhaes and Dr. Thompson bring with them. Cláudio is a preeminent scholar of worship and liturgy, in addition to having a worldwide reputation as a dynamic and enlivening teacher. Dr. Thompson, though early in her scholarly career, has already established a national reputation for excellence as a preacher. Her capacious spirit and intellect will beRead More →

  • Education is for liberation freedom

    http://wabashcenter.typepad.com/stories_from_the_front_of/2016/01/where-we-begin.html I write as I teach, from a Latino/a perspective. And I write, as I teach, with an accent, carrying within me voices that liberate me and voices that persist in colonizing my mind, my body and my soul. It was at the Independent Presbyterian Seminary of São Paulo, Brazil that I started to think critically. My teachers introduced me to a life I never thought existed! I learned about God’s love for all, and about how that love was opposed to the ways in which Brazilian society was structured. There I learned about liberation theology and the gospel possibility for the liberation of the poor. Being poor myself, that resonated vividly in my bones! With Paulo Freire, Moacir Gadotti, Marilena Chauí and others, I learned that education could be either an apparatus for government control or an action, a social praxis against hegemonic power, against the ideology[1] of those whoRead More →

  • 11 anos da morte de meu pai, uma canção / 11 years since the death of my father, a song paie3

    11 anos da morte de meu pai. Lembrando uma música que meu pai Waldemar Carvalhaes tocava com minha tia Dora Carvalhaes quando eu era moleque. Se alguém lembrar do título ou da letra dessa música por favor me diga. 11 years since the death of my father Waldemar Carvalhaes. Singing a song I used to hear from him and my untie when I was a kid but don’t remember the lyrics.  

  • BOOK REVIEW – Eucharist and Globalization: Redrawing the Borders of Eucharistic Hospitality, by Vincent C. Schwahn Livro

    With Gratitude To Rev. Vincent C. Schwahn Some parts of the review… … This book, written by Claudio Carvalhaes, a Brazilian-born theologian and ordained Presbyterian pastor, begins precisely by talking about the implications of the eucharist in relation to Oscar Romero’s sacrifice and death at the altar while celebrating Mass, and the profound relationship Romero witnessed to between the sacramental celebration of the eucharist and social change. Carvalhaes states in his introduction that “Christian churches can be powerful social agents in changing unequal and unfair aspects of globalization and can offer a sustainable model for a new world” (p. 5). … Academic readers will enjoy the challenge, but this message is so important to church and society that these stories of real “eucharistic” living should be made available to those who might be daunted by the academic and professional language of its subject matter. In the hands of Christian educators usingRead More →